Long time no post! :) If you saw this Instagram post, then you know our lives have been a little full. We’re really enjoying this season we’re in, but it comes with a lot (more on that with a future post). I’m on a bit of a break from work and blogging, but I wanted to share this post for all my friends going to the beach or lake this summer!

Our annual beach trip to Navarre, FL this year was a lot of fun! We love spending the week with family, and getting that good vitamin sea.

There are just a few things we can’t go to the beach without. Now with a baby in tow, there’s a new thing added to my list! This is NOT sponsored, I just share with y’all what I love…

First of all, these towel clips were amazing. The beach was super windy, and our towels kept blowing off our chairs! These secured them down great.


Something we get asked THE most about when we are at the beach is the Coolest Cooler. What makes it the coolest? There is a blender built in, bluetooth speaker, bottle opener, phone charger, beach essentials with four plates and a knife, it rolls, etc… the list goes on and on! We got it early when it was first released on Kickstarter at a great price. We love this thing.


Call me extra if you want to, but I will have this fan with me all summer long! It’s so small and even folds up so you can stand it up. There are 3 different speed settings. You charge the battery with a USB charger. I’m taking this to Dollywood and Splash Country for sure!


OK lastly, let’s talk about the perfect thing for babies at the beach and that’s this baby dome! It gave her shade, it still let the breeze in, she never got sandy, and the dock-a-tot fit perfectly in there! It folds up and has a handle you can carry with one hand. This is a great investment if you plann on spending any time by the pool, on the boat, at the park, at the game, etc… this summer!


Y’all know I like to protect my skin so a beach hat is a must as well! I love this one from Everly Blu Boutique! And yes, they ship! 🙌🏼


What are some beach essentials that you have to have with you? I would love to hear about them in the comments!