It’s finally here! Our chicken coop/run! One of the most stressful things about getting chickens for me was figuring out the coop situation! We are not that handy, so I knew building was out of the question.

I started researching and stumbled across David’s Chicken Coops. Watching his videos and reading the reviews really helped make our decision so much easier. David is a chicken expert, he knows what they like, and he builds coops to suit.


What I love:
- Built with all premium ground contact pressure treated 2×4 framing & a 4×4 pressure treated base that is rated at 30 years so no need to worry about rot issues. 
-The wire on the coop is a heavy 14 gauge welded 1″ x 2″ very strong dog and coyote proof.
- He responded to my unending questions via email in a very timely manner and is so kind.
- It’s over 1500lbs so we highly doubt something will be able to get under there!
- He’s from Tennessee! Done deal!

We could not be more happy with it! Even better, the chickens love it!


We’re letting them get the grass down a bit before we add in the shavings…


The nesting boxes are HUGE! Can’t wait for some eggs. Might even make some little curtains so the girls laying can have some privacy! 😄


The little chicken doors are the cutest!


I do have a question for my chicken friends! They only come out when I am out there 🙃. As soon as I leave, they run back in the coop. Are they still getting used to it? Are they just scared/nervous? I need this girls to free range! Would love your advice on this!