We went from 5 to 17 animals in one day. 😳 This has been around 6 years in the making y’all…

Early in our marriage I wanted chickens so bad! Our farmhouse logo has a chicken, our little family on our map is represented by 3 chickens. I had Pinterest boards and books, I was READY. But we used to live in the city and it wasn’t allowed. I just knew we would have chickens one day, but it wasn’t our time! Fast forward to today and here we are in our new home. Our family goes through eggs like crazy! Our daughter eats them almost every morning. FINALLY we knew it was time, and I could not wait!! I couldn’t sleep the night before we got them I was so excited. 😆


We got 12 chickens on March 25th. That’s way more than I originally intended on getting. 🤣 They say you need 2-3 chickens per family member for eggs. But I’m considering the fact that some of them might be roosters and we don’t know about it? Also, we plan to let them free range around our property, so… anything could happen! Thus, we ended up with twelve.


A collection of:

Rhode Island Red
Easter Egger
Olive Egger
I’m wishing now we would’ve gotten a few golden comets. We might still if our local co-op has any left.

I’ve been extremely proud of our daughter, she is helping out a lot! She checks their little chick butts every day, feeds them, she loves them! I’m VERY thankful for all of my chicken friends who answer my un-ending questions about them. At this point I’m just trying to keep them alive, haha! I’ve been so nervous.


We’ve not named any yet, Lord help me I’m trying not to get attached! However, this is our daughter’s favorite one and she just HAD to name her Elizabeth. She loves her Elizabeth so much…


Elizabeth will fall asleep in your hands! It’s the cutest thing!

My favorite thing so far is watching them sleep. They spread all out and you’ll think they’re dead, but they aren’t! 😂

The most shocking thing to me so far is the price of chicken coops/runs. I’m not sure we could pull off building one like I want, but the price to buy one is 😳 shocking. I wasn’t ready for that. So if y’all have any tips on that please let me know! We travel a lot, so I want a good size run. I realize they are “just chickens”, but I also realize they won’t produce unless they are happy happy!

Also shocking is the amount of people on Instagram that will tell you exactly how they feel about your chicken situation. Y’all be passionate about your chickens. I am sure in time I will be the same way. 😂

I think I might have a little photographer on my hands! She begged me to let her take a picture. This is on manual with my Nikon D700 and 85mm lens so my photog friends KNOW that that’s heavy! I’m proud…


We are all so excited for this new family adventure! I can’t wait to watch our babies grow .